4 comments on “Bangkok travel -Muay Thai live at Lumpinee

  1. Great post! KC went to some classes in Pai and attended a muay thai fight in Chiang Mai on a much smaller scale (it included some female fighters). He was also dazzled by the pre-fight rituals. The comedy routine reminds me of the clowns at rodeos in the US…


    • Thanks, Bobbi. It’d be cool to take muay thai classes so maybe in future, I’ll try that. It’s interesting there were female fighters; I wonder if they were foreign or local Thai women. The comedy routine took me by surprise and it was quite elaborate too.


  2. Hey man, if you ever go again just keep saying ‘Thai price’ over and over and ignore all the people trying to get you to go to a different place. Go to the main box office with the Thai people and pay local price. Then get mashed on beer for 60B a glass.

    You won’t get the ringside seats but you’ll be in the thick of all of the underground betting which is as interesting as the fights.

    Hope you enjoy yourself in Thailand 😀


  3. Good advice, I’ll do that next time. I was wondering if I could just walk up to the local ticket booths but I was worried I’d be thrown out.
    OK, so buying a local ticket will get you into the rowdy section; my section was so quiet and laidback despite being on the same level in the arena.
    This was actually last year but hopefully it’s not my last trip to Thailand.


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