It seems the Taiwanese love for protests extends to even articles written in foreign nations. A former Canadian expat’s article about her dismal experience living in Taichung has generated a bit of a storm among Taiwanese in Montreal (where the article was published). The article is quite a read itself, detailing how mystified and terrified the woman, who came here to teach English with her boyfriend, was by sewer smells outside the airport, signs written in Chinese (gasp!), dirty surroundings and basically everything around her. Actually I am a little sympathetic because she doesn’t have any malice and several of her complaints are valid, but I am puzzled why it was published at this time when the experience was in 2005 and bears no relevance to any major news events now. I am even more bemused by how angry the Taiwanese in Montreal seem to be that they felt the need to launch a Facebook campaign against the newspaper which published the article.