England travel- Cambridge

Besides London, the only other place in England I’ve been to is Cambridge. Done as a daytrip from London, visiting Cambridge (as opposed to say, Oxford) was actually my mother’s decision, since a famous 20th-century Chinese poet had gone to Cambridge and written a memorable poem, which has since attracted many Chinese and Taiwanese to visit there. Anyways, we took the train to Cambridge, passing through some beautiful English countryside. At the town, we headed to the university, took a boat (punt) ride on the river Cam, toured King’s College Chapel, a neat and exquisite church, and strolled through an open-air market. The university is large, open, with university buildings spread among the town, and boasts a lot of impressive stone buildings, as expected from such a great university founded in 1209. We spent several hours there but still weren’t able to see all the main buildings.

The punt (flat bottom boat steered with a pole in front) ride was quite pleasant. During the ride, we passed a lot of attractive buildings on the riverside while treated to commentary by the boatman about the university college buildings, and self-deprecating anecdotes about his personal life. At the end as he drew up to the pier, he warned us not to get up yet, but he correctly predicted that the father of a mainland Chinese family on our boat would do exactly that.



4 thoughts on “England travel- Cambridge

    1. Well, no wonder your English is so good, as you studied it as a teenager near such a great place of learning. As the buildings are spread out, you probably at least wandered by some of those buildings?


      1. Oh god no, it was just a month, haha. But it was interesting because it was the first time I met “foreigners”. I still have a Turkish guy from that summer course on Facebook and we met when I went to London 4 years ago xD

        To be honest I guess we visited the university, but I don’t remember. I’d need to see the photos (which are all in paper because I am ancient hahaha). I do still have a Cambridge University hoodie, great quality, haha.


        1. That one month English camp was still quite useful then. I think that it’s more interesting to learn a language with fellow nonnative learners overseas than in your own country. Maybe Chinese teens should try going to say, Malaysia or Singapore to do the same. Yeah, I grew up during an age of film cameras (and “dumb” mobile phones) too. I only started using digital cameras in my final year of high school.


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