2 comments on “Indecency at the top a reflection of society?

  1. It is disturbing whatever it is that is happening in the world.

    I wish I could jump ahead a hundred years, and learn how historians will analyze this era with the perspective to frame it accurately.

    We are in the infancy of the digital age. While there is much positive about new media technology–such as this blog!–the negative side in which an oversaturated media landscape lets people choose their own ‘facts’ has completely changed reality. It’s hard to predict how this will evolve with humanity.

    Faith in the traditional institutions has seriously eroded. Authoritarian government seems to be on the rise. An argument could be made that resistance to that is on the rise as well.

    Well, in the long-term this may all work out but it certainly looks like it’s going to get worse before that.

    Let’s all brace ourselves…


    • Thanks for this long comment, Ray. These are disturbing times and unfortunately, the digital age isn’t making things better on many fronts, like the false news. Rather than empower us to be more knowledgeable and open minded, in many cases, technology has the opposite. I have more specific theories why – complacency, echo chamber etc. That’ll be for another post, and we could always talk about it next time we meet.
      I’m with you – let’s hope things will work out in the long run as opposed to continue to get worse and worse.


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