4 comments on “China travel- A Chinese New Year’s trip to Huangshan

  1. Sigh! This is why I haven’t been to many places in China, I’m too scared of the crowds haha. For example I want to go to Jiuzhaigou but as I can only travel during Chinese holidays… nope. I’ll need to think of something!

    Glad that you could at least hike. 2.5 hours? It would probably take me 6 hahaha

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    • Yeah, traveling in China during CNY is something I will never do again, ha. Encountering crowds on top of a mountain is especially annoying. How about annual leave? I guess you save those for going back to Spain.
      Haha, don’t worry, it’s not that hard of a hike. Though I’d have preferred to hike on top of Huangshan than up to it.


  2. One of the best things about China is the endless new places to travel to. One of the worst things is the crowds. Experiencing new locales during Western holidays is definitely the way to go.

    Looking forward to seeing where you end up next!


    • That is very true. That’s why traveling during Christmas, was so good and smart, ha. I’ll be going on a trip during CNY but not to China.


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