2 comments on “It’s China, not Trump who’s at fault in the Taiwan President Phone Call controversy

  1. I think the problem is not that the mainlanders would arise and force their government to take military actions, but that saying now “Ok, let’s face it, Taiwan is a separate country” would be a massive loss of face to the Party. They have been saying for 70 years that Taiwan is part of China (and at the beginning I think it made sense, after all it was part of China and the people who moved there were Chinese, but now it obviously doesn’t make sense at all) and they probably think changing their opinion now would be seen as them giving up and even as a flaw in their legitimacy.


    • I definitely agree it would be a big loss of face for the party and more, since they’ve staked a lot on this claim. They’ve been able to convince some Chinese about this as if it were an indisputable fact, though I know Chinese who don’t believe it. Also, I agree the public will not force their government to take military action. So that’s why I really disagreed with the article written by they guy I knew.


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