8 comments on “HK’s dire apartment rentals

  1. I remember the flat hunting days in HK ~ I ended up on Lantau (Discovery Bay), and while there is a commute to HK Island – my work allowed me to stay in DB most days so it worked out well. Yes, there is not a cheap place in HK, but good to hear you found a place and a great location (and as you say, location is everything). Cheers.


    • Thanks, Randall. I’ve heard good things about Discovery Bay and I’d imagine it’s much more scenic and healthier being there than in the city. I do kind of like where I am now (Sheung Wan) and hopefully I’ll still like it as time goes on.


      • The one reason I moved to DB was the hiking and very healthy atmosphere there…but I often dream how great it would be to be on “The Island” 🙂 You’re in a great location!!


        • Yeah, thanks, being on the Island has been good and not just for work convenience. DB sounds pretty good and maybe in the future I’d try there.


    • Yes, Marta, prices are really scary. I was actually thinking fondly of Beijing’s relatively low home rents, which I’m sure applies to Suzhou and Shanghai too.
      Salaries are high in HK for many expat jobs, especially those in finance or IT, which make up most expat jobs.
      Of course, some people have roommates, live in walk-ups, or they live further out.


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