Summer lookback

It’s the middle of August and just like that, summer is almost over. However in Hong Kong, the sun stopped shining weeks ago as instead, the weather has been gray, overcast, and lots of rain, including a couple of storms and typhoons, one which resulted in a half day off for work. Annoyingly on that day, it was the morning we got off and we had to come back to work in the afternoon.
Anyways, I finally moved into a proper place after living in a room for the previous four months and after weeks of home searching that spanned two months and visiting over 25 apartments. The home hunting took up a lot of my time but there was time for a few other things of course. There was also a book fair, that was packed and took a long time to get in, but worth it in the end; an art show (courtesy of Ray, whose girlfriend was the star of the show) featuring Shenzhen-based expat and Chinese artists; and a quick trip to Taiwan at the start of July that was obviously way too short.
Temple surrounded by a phalanx of apartment highrises
But worth it in the end
Good weather … about a month ago
This was the most interesting piece at the Shenzhen-based artists show
Night view from my place
Old and new, literally on top of each other
IMAG8612 IMAG8631
Bye Taiwan 


2 thoughts on “Summer lookback

  1. Glad you enjoyed the art exhibition, I think that was the most interesting piece too!

    Wish I could have made it to the book fair. Next year perhaps.

    What a summer… it’s not over yet though, it will still be a few more months of unbearable heat and then before you know it unbearable cold. Hope autumn lasts more than a week 🙂


    1. Yeah, the art exhibition was good. Thanks for telling me about it.
      I hope there won’t be a few more months of heat. I think it’s been slightly less hotter lately and hopefully by mid-September, this terrible heat is gone.

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