China gets feelings hurt even at the Olympics

I’m guessing that many people have been following the Rio Olympics that are underway, with the first week almost done. Given all the problems leading up the Games, it was a relief that it finally started though there have been a few disturbing events. But in terms of sporting achievements, there’s also been a few moments of excellence.

While it’s normal for the Olympics to be beset with problems, the Rio games probably set a new record, putting all the issues with previous Games in the shade, from pollution to crime to the athletes village being incomplete days before the Olympics started. And even the sports hasn’t been free of controversy, with Russia’s doping scandal casting a shadow on events. In swimming, there was a bit of a spat between an American swimmer and a Russian one who had twice been caught doping but was still allowed to participate. American Lily King ended up beating the Russian Yuliya Efimova who then fired back saying that she thought the Cold War was over.

However, the doping drama also extended to China, specifically Sun Yang, supposedly China’s greatest male swimmer. Sun won China’s first-ever Olympic gold medals in men’s swimming in 2012, but he got caught up a few dubious activities like getting into a car crash while driving without a license and being accused of kicking a female swimmer in training before an event. However, it was the fact he was suspended for using an illegal drug in 2014 (which was only announced by Chinese authorities after he had served the ban) that riled up a rival Australian swimmer. Mack Horton, who previously could have passed for a mild-mannered Harry Potter nerd, turned out to be, calling Sun a drug cheat while beating him in the 400m freestyle. Sun cried after losing, leading to Chinese fans, media and sporting authorities engaging in the mother of all hissy fits. What was supposed to be trash talk between athletes almost turned into an international incident when China’s swimming federation demanded a damned apology from Australia. To which the Australians wisely refused and said not at all.

I’m really wondering Chinese authorities and netizens are losing their grip on reality when they get their feelings hurt over any issue involving China and see nationalistic controversies everywhere.

It’s not just the athletes causing controversy. There has even been a bizarre phenomenon with the water in the diving pool turning deep green, which not only got worse, but has seen a second pool develop the same problem. The probable cause is algae but whatever the case, it looks horrible.

But, not everything was so grim with swimming. Here’s something kind of hilarious involving Michael Phelps’ eerily sinister resemblance to Anakin Skywalker after he went bad while ignoring a dancing rival.

Congratulation to Taiwan for winning three medals so far including one gold. Unfortunately, Taiwan competes as Chinese Taipei and flies a flag that is not the national one, as it also does in international football, due to the dark influence and pettiness of China which insists that Taiwan belongs to it.


6 thoughts on “China gets feelings hurt even at the Olympics

    1. Yes, it’s been crazy. The doping scandal has gotten a lot of people fired up. I feel even besides that, the non-sporting issues – athletes getting held up at gunpoint, sparse crowds – make this games bad. At least the actual sports have been decent.


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