Hong Kong

World’s best urban hike


One really good thing about Hong Kong is that it is very hilly and a hiker’s paradise. Not many people may realize this because the main images of Hong Kong that always get shown are soaring skyscrapers and densely packed apartment towers. But from Lantau to Hong Kong Island to New Territories, these places are all covered by hilly terrain. The hills and mountains of Hong Kong and its concrete jungles are like worlds apart, except on Hong Kong Island, where there is one hike that combines the two and gives you the world’s best urban views from on high.

This would be the hike to the Peak along the Lugard Road trail, which I’ve done twice starting from my neighborhood, which required a lot of walking up steep and winding streets, and from Sai Ying Pun, closer to the route. Alternatively, you can go up to the Peak by taking the famous funicular tram or a bus, and then walk westwards. Either way, this trail provides a splendid view of Hong Kong Island’s array of corporate skyscrapers and apartment towers, the harbour, and the southern tip of bustling Kowloon across the body of water. On a good day, like the second time I went, you can look up north and see the hills where Kowloon ends and the New Territories begin in the distance.

The first time, in May, I meant to walk around upper Sheung Wan but when I realized it was close to a path to the Peak, I kept on walking until I reached it. Then I followed the trail, which actually is part of the Lungfu Shan Park, and took the southern route to the Peak which has nice views of the sea. It was actually quite hazy but the view was still quite good. After I reached the Peak, I took the northern route, the aforementioned Lugard Road trail, and then went back down. The second time, in mid-June, I went up from Sai Ying Pun, which is the district next to Sheung Wan, to the Lugard Road trail, reached the Peak, then turned around and went back to Sai Ying Pun. It was incredibly hot but the skies were so blue and the views amazing, so it was damn worth it.

Second hike (June)
IMG_1516 IMG_1536  IMG_1545

First hike (May)
Starting from Sheung Wan
One of Hong Kong’s many country parks, and probably its tiniest
Southern part of Hong Kong Island, when hiking towards the Peak along the southern route

Taking a break inside the Peak Tower, mostly for the air condition.


4 thoughts on “World’s best urban hike

  1. You really made me homesick with this post 🙂 Great review of the hiking scene in HK and you have some photos that I’d love to be able to re-create. I believe one of the biggest misconceptions of HK is the belief that it is a concrete jungle, modernity around every corner. Step outside onto the hills or in the New Territories and there is a whole new world to be discovered.


    1. Thanks, I’m really glad you liked it. I know if you were there on that day, you would have taken some great photos.
      Exactly, there is a whole different Hong Kong in those hills and mountains.


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