5 comments on “Marking the June 4 tragedy in Hong Kong

  1. A very important rally, wish I could have been there.

    I have mixed feelings about the new post-Umbrella generation who are against attending. It’s an interesting point, and they have a right to their point of view over being separate from mainland China. But surely the world should remember June 4th and Hong Kong has almost a civic duty to commemorate so all the world can see?

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    • Good points. I feel similarly about this issue too. I think the new generation are right that it’s not their fight to strive for democracy in China, but also that it is important for Hong Kong to mark the June 4 anniversary.

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  2. Your write up gives me a more modern look at how HK views this rally ~ ideas I had never considered before such as students wanting to focus on more HK-centric issues. I was in HK at the time and wanted to attend the commemoration but met up with a friend and tried out a few of the craft beer places in Kowloon ~ discussing the history of this great city. I felt a bit guilty, since I admire this city so much and see the June 4th commemoration as an important part of the city. Great post.


    • Thanks for your comment, Dalo. Yes, HK’s localization sentiment seems to be becoming stronger and taking up a lot of local political debate. I was surprised by that because it seems kind of extremist but it reflects desperation of a lot of locals.

      Did you find any good craft beer places in Kowloon you’d recommend?


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