14 comments on “Myanmar travel- the royal towns around Mandalay

  1. Of all my two visits to Myanmar, I’ve yet to visit Mandalay…so this post has been a great introduction. Eventually, I hope to make it to the city and see the sights, history, and culture. Your photos and writing has kindled my curiosity 🙂


    • Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I think Mandalay would be worth a visit though the city itself not as interesting as Yangon. You’d probably enjoy the outer sights like the U-Bein bridge and Inwa. Hope you get the opportunity to go there.


    • Thanks. It was quite good. The food was ok, not bad, but not special to be honest. I had one of my better meals in Mandalay at a Shan (ethnic minority) buffet.

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  2. Back from the trip to Laos and Myanmar… we missed these towns outside of Mandalay, and spent both days in Mandalay trying to look for the romantic/exotic city of my imagination. It was… a challenge… but actually, the reproduced palace grounds within the moat were a lovely visit. It helped that the grounds featured prominently in the “Burma” chapter in Ghosts of Empire (I can’t remember whether this a book I got from one of your reviews or if I just found it randomly on the shelf in the library…). At any rate, I’m glad for your photos from the surrounding areas, as I was sorry to miss them.

    PS I’m happy to report that the weather wasn’t as bad as I feared in Myanmar (Laos temps were pretty bad!). And I noticed in one comment above that you ate at a Shan buffet in Mandalay… I suspect we found the same place, thanks to a bicycle tuk tuk driver who took us there. Shan Ma Ma – I think it’s well known, and it was delicious!


    • Hello Bobbi, thanks for the comment and I’m happy you had a good trip and the weather wasn’t as bad in Myanmar. I also didn’t find Mandalay that good though I’m glad you enjoyed the palace. Did you also go up Mandalay Hill to enjoy the view? I believe we may have dined at the same Shan buffet, haha. Yes, it was delicious though it was the culinary highlight of my trip, which isn’t too flattering about their cuisine. Will you blog about this trip? I’ve never been to Laos myself.


  3. Agree that there is such a disparity between the poor and seeming lavish temples. Despite poverty, folks contribute to decorating the temples with gold leaf. Religion and devotion appears to be so strong that people sacrifice!


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