4 comments on “Finding George Orwell in Burma- book review

  1. Seems a fascinating book. Perhaps you can lend it to me one day!

    Orwell is very important, and I recently listened to the audiobooks of Animal Farm and 1984 and they are highly recommended. Next on my list is Down and Out in Paris and London.

    I have still never been to Myanmar, but have heard so many good things. The people must be so resilient. It’s good that there has been positive news of late.

    So, you wouldn’t recommend reading Finding George Orwell in Burma first and then going to Myanmar? The inverse is better then 🙂


    • It is fascinating but I borrowed it from the Taipei library.
      That is fitting that I put this up after you finished those books. I’ve only read Animal Farm and that was in high school. I’ve never read 1984 but I’ve heard so much about it and unfortunately China seems intent on replicating it for real.
      Myanmar is worth a visit though I guess I wasn’t as mesmerised by it as much as quite a lot of other people.
      Yes, I was glad I only read it after I had already visited the country so I guess I do recommend saving the book for after a visit. But of course, feel free to do the opposite.


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