9 comments on “Taipei rocked by brutal murder of child

  1. That is such an awful story, and this is the first time I’m hearing about it. I hope that the Taiwanese people think carefully about the death penalty, and that more help will be provided to those suffering from mental illness. Is it still a taboo topic in Taiwan?


    • Maybe not exactly taboo, but mental illness is still not really discussed. And when it comes to cases like this, a big part of Taiwanese media and public will unfortunately not even consider mental illness because they are so fixated on revenge.


  2. It has also been widely reported in China, or at least it made the rounds in WeChat. China has also had a fair share of knife attacks, remember a few years ago when a men would start stabbing kids by the kindergarten door? It happened several times. I agree with you, the death penalty would not resolve these cases of mental illnesses.


    • I do remember China has had similar attacks on children and with worse outcomes like more than one death. And mental illness was cited in a few of those instances in China too.


  3. Simply heartbreaking…and another reminder that there are pieces of horror everywhere, over-reaction will do nothing but make it worse in many cases. You’ve written this up well ~ which is a talent, thank you for bringing this to us.

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