Hong Kong hustle

Sometimes you need to take chances for work, whether it be going to new places, taking on new roles, or chasing after opportunities. That is why I find myself in Hong Kong now. I’ve just started a new job that involves familiar tasks but is in a much different and formal setting than all my previous jobs. I am not sure if it will work out but I will try hard and do what I can and more.
Besides the challenge of working in an unfamiliar work setting, this is the first time (I’m in my early thirties) I’ve worked in my own “hometown.” Some people might find this a good situation because the environment is not alien and I’ve got relatives here, not to mention the more “international” environment and the greater use of English. And of course, Hong Kong is not exactly a hardship posting, despite the crowds (see below for the subway after work), tiny spaces, and fast pace of life. However, it is kind of awkward to be a stranger in your own hometown, especially when interacting with locals and your limited Cantonese speaking ability becomes apparent. In any case, it’s been a decent but hectic start handling several new responsibilities, though there is the welcome occurrence of three consecutive four-day weeks – the long Easter weekend, which concludes tonight, followed by Labor Day in the week after.


7 thoughts on “Hong Kong hustle

  1. Congratulations! An excellent city, I love Hong Kong as well. Halfway a ‘western’ ‘country’ in many ways. If you want the China vibe I recommend going to New Territories.

    Enjoy the English-language uncensored bookstores (while you still you can)


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