4 comments on “Bagan photo roundup 2

  1. The umbrella and red dress in the 3rd photo from the top… could be a layout for a fashion magazine! That pristine white temple! I want to buy from the artist with his pictures laid out. There’s something transitional about the architecture here, isn’t there? Sometimes it seems so familiar to what I saw in SE Asia and others it’s just very different shapes and lines. You’re probably onto something in your theory that it’s just on the edge of “southeast” Asia and close to “south” Asia. This has been a great review – I assume you’ll post some about Mandalay, too, but thanks for everything so far – it’s great.


    • Good eye spotting the lady in the red dress! That white temple was very clean, and it was located inside a village so perhaps that’s why.
      I agree, some of the architecture does seem distinct. Myanmar is a crossroads between the two regions and quite different from say, Thailand or Vietnam.
      You’re welcome, thank you again for commenting. I will post about Mandalay though it might take time. I’m currently in Hong Kong, working in a new job and trying to get settled.

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