Bagan photo roundup

Please enjoy more photos of Bagan’s ancient temples and pagodas.
IMG_6247  IMG_6232 IMG_6225 IMG_6199

IMG_6188 IMG_6178 IMG_6174 IMG_6168 IMG_6158 IMG_6130 IMG_6140 IMG_6039 IMG_6043  IMG_6108   DSC05825    DSC05797 DSC05804 DSC05808


10 thoughts on “Bagan photo roundup

  1. Hi Hilton! Great blog and lovely photos! Thank you for stopping by, i’m glad it led me back to yours. Thank you for sharing, looking forward to more 🙂 – Faye


  2. Spectacular photos. You’re right – the white buildings are striking. I’m trying to see the carvings on the exterior – are they mostly decorative? I remember in Angkor so many carvings of gods and scenes… The buildings look to be in great condition – either you avoided photos of the scaffolding or most of the renovations are complete?


    1. Thanks a lot, Bobbi. I really appreciate and enjoy your comments. Yes, the buildings are in pretty good condition and I’m guessing the renovations, which must have been very extensive, were complete. I think the carvings are mostly decorative; though the Angkor temples seemed to have more.


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