8 comments on “Myanmar travel- Bagan

  1. Unbelievable. I love the e-bike idea. My earliest opportunity to go will be in August but it sounds like that’s miserable weather from your Yangon posts? (My friend in Korea went in December and said it was so hot in the “cool” season that there was no way she’d go in the summer!)


    • Yes, riding the e-bike was fun though new to me (that’s the first motorized two-wheeled object I’ve ever ridden, haha). August would be very hot and there might be heavy rains too, so yeah, I suggest it’d be better to push it back to September. Even then, I got sunburn from riding around Bagan, not helped by the fact I usually started in the mid-morning and rode till two in the afternoon, the hottest part of the day.

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      • Advice taken – leaving tomorrow for Laos and will get to Mandalay Sept 4. Given this morning’s earthquake, I expect that it will be surreal to see parts of the temple areas around Bagan…

        Congrats on the end of your househunting saga.


        • Have a great trip, Bobbi, and hope it’s not too hot there. Indeed, it is sad there was an earthquake that hit Bagan but the majority of the structures should still be intact.
          Thanks, I’m glad it ended too.


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