4 comments on “Kingdom- book review

  1. For as infatuated as I can be with Scotland (Ireland and Wales as well), I know very little about their history except for some of the more glamorous tales you’ve mentioned here (Braveheart being the biggest). Historical fiction is one of the guilty pleasures that can steal away my time (Irving Stone my favorite of such writers). I will have to check Kingdom….it sounds fascinating. Thank you for the review.


    • That’s cool you’re a fan of historical fiction as well. I’ve heard of Irving Stone. I’ll try to check out his books in future. I know little about Scotland but Kingdom and the two books (I read the second one) before that helped a bit.


      • When I was a kid, I read “Greek Treasure” by Irving Stone and I think that instilled a sense of travel and adventure for me. “The Agony & Ecstasy” and “Lust for Life” then followed, an amazing writer. I hope you do check out his books and let me know. They impacted me quite a bit. Cheers to a great New Year! 猴年大吉!


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