8 comments on “Taiwan takes to the polls for new leader, legislation Saturday

  1. I have a question about that article. It says that “which was never united cannot be re-united”, but wasn’t Taiwan part of the Qing empire? I seem to remember I studied that.
    I’m not saying that because of that they should re-unite (god forbids hahaha), it’s just that sentence surprised me.


    • Ah, good question. Taiwan was indeed part of the Qing empire so yes, it was part of China then. I think the author means Taiwan as a distinct nation, which is basically from 1945. Or, as some Taiwanese supporters argue, the Qing empire itself does not exist anymore and the China then is not the same as China now. For instance, Mongolia itself was part of the Qing empire too but declared independence right after it fell.
      I’m glad you also feel that way about “reunification,” haha.


      • Well I’m a practical person. Taiwan is de facto an independent country since many years ago, so… If a Chinese person tells me Taiwan is part of China, I reply: “Then how come you need a visa to go there and I don’t?”. Hahaha!


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