8 comments on “Myanmar travel- Yangon’s character and colonial architecture

  1. I’ve been saving your collection of Myanmar posts until I had an evening to sit down and dig into them. KC would agree with your summary of Yangon (4 days is too many) but I’m glad to hear your stories/photos of different cultures and religions, as it’s a nice change from his stories of intolerance from the displaced persons camp. It’s nice to see another side of the country… Now onto Bagan.


    • Thanks for this and your other comments, Bobbi. I’m really glad you enjoyed my posts.
      Was KC working somewhere in the interior or the West with the Rakhine? The diversity of Yangon and Mandalay were definitely nice to see.


      • Yes, he’s in Rakhine state. Coincidentally, I heard on BBC today that they lifted the state of emergency that’s been in effect since the violence began in 2012. Will be interested to hear how that may affect their project…


        • I’m sad at the attacks and discrimination that happen there. I hope that lifting the state of emergency will have a positive effect on the project, and that this new government under Aung San Suu Syi will be better at dealing with the issues there.

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