7 comments on “Wife of HK bookstore employee held in China gets letter claiming everything is fine

  1. The amount of intrigue here is palpable, this is not going to go away for China – in fact, the exact opposite will happen. I hope the right thing is done, but unlikely that will be the case…the right thing being China allows transparency in the case. Thanks for the update!


    • I hope it won’t go away. I don’t see China doing the right thing anytime soon either, but more pressure on them is good. No problem, I’m glad for your comments and that you found my post informative.


    • The wife was originally told by her husband when he called her not to go to the police otherwise things would get worse but she did. I wonder if the relatives of the other victims got the same message from their loved ones and decided to stay silent.
      The faxed letter seems very suspicious, like the kind of thing one writes when the kidnapper is standing right over him.
      The fate of the other four is a big mystery. I don’t know why they didn’t get as much media attention.


      • Maybe because, as you point out, families didn’t report it. It makes this wife’s report all the more brave: she’s standing up for all five of them.


        • Yes, she was right to report it to the police and bring it to the world’s attention. She did withdraw the police request recently, but maybe it was a coerced decision as in her husband’s captors ordered her to. I hope the police continue to investigate, as I think they can only close the case if the missing person shows up.


  2. Reblogged this on Technoturnovers' Blog and commented:
    Great post, it really bothers me how foreign countries can get away with things on this. If Lee Bo actually went to China for an “investigation,” why wouldn’t he say it directly?


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