13 comments on “Missing HK bookstore employee seized and taken to China, the fifth since November

  1. Good post, thank you. I have not been aware of this at all – and something the HK authorities need to clear up quickly. The strength of HK has always been its independence (especially in law and finance) in dealing with China…


    • No problem, I’m glad you found it informative. Yes, the HK authorities need to get on it but if it means confronting mainland authorities, they may not have much success. More public awareness and pressure is necessary.
      A lot of HKers have spoken out about the decreasing sense of autonomy, but this kidnapping of a HKer on HK soil is an incredibly vile step too far.


  2. I think the sad truth is that PRC would continue to get away with this for a while, because of its economic prowess. But let’s take heart that no regime obsessed with such methods ever last for long. They already began their own implosion.


    • The PRC has been getting away with this in the mainland but doing it in HK, and for the second time since November, will put them under more scrutiny and pressure. I agree with your stance. Regimes that must rely on these kinds of shady violations never last and are showing weakness.


  3. I read about this in The Guardian a couple of days ago. And what about the guy abducted in Thailand? It’s ridiculous… how can they just make someone disappear and it is like nothing happened??


    • I agree completely. It is very ridiculous and sinister. Going through HK requires passing through customs, so either the kidnapped person was smuggled past the border or worse. I thought the Thailand abduction was really scary too but for some reason there was little media attention.


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