7 comments on “South Korea travel – Seoul intro

  1. I’ve been to Seoul a couple of times and I also thought it was a nice city. Very clean and modern. I don’t remember seeing that clay church though! I was only aware of all the churches at night, when they turned on the red lights on the crosses… that was a little scary!


  2. I have a friend teaching science at an exclusive international school just outside of Seoul – we visited Seoul for a couple of months in 2014 and enjoyed our time. My friend recently wrote to me that she’s thinking of a change and had seen a posting in Zambia… I told her I thought it would be even worse shock than if she were to go straight from the US! That’s how modern and organized Seoul is…


    • Wow, South Korea to Zambia. You’re right that’d be a tremendous shock and moreso than if she was going from the US. I was very impressed by Seoul, not that Taipei isn’t modern, but it is more prosperous.

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