9 comments on “Japan travel- Tokyo’s Ueno district

    • Thanks, hope you keep on visiting. It was a pleasant surprise for me while watching the movie to realize I was at one of those places in it. Did you see the movie too?


  1. Lovely lotus photos, and I like the random Egyptian mummy in the National Museum collection. What’s a museum without at least one looted Egyptian item… :o)

    PS Just finishing the Fat Years – when I got back to the States, my local library had a copy. Not having any experience with China, I’m surprised at how familiar much of the societal aspects feel just from tracking your blog over the past couple of years.


    • I’m glad you liked them, Bobbi. The Egyptian mummy was really interesting; it was my first. It’s true, because I just came back from a trip to Europe and almost every history museum I went to as well as the Louvre had an Egyptian section.

      That’s really good you got a hold of Fat Years. I’m flattered. I mean sometimes I know I sound cynical about China but I’m not exaggerating or making things up. That book captured modern China very well and it was written a few years back!

      I trust things are going well back in the US.


      • Thanks… new, mostly interesting job here. KC has been in Myanmar for 2 weeks on his first MSF assignment. Glad to hear you’ve been back on the road…will look forward to some photos.


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