13 comments on “Overview of a Myanmar trip

        • Thanks, I am looking forward to it though I’m a bit worried about pickpocketers because I keep reading about how skillful and prevalent they are. I’ll be going to London, Paris, and 2 cities each in Italy and Germany. Sorry for missing out on Spain; it was either Spain and Italy and since Italy is closer to Germany, I decided on it.


          • Haha, don’t worry. About the pickpockets, I think it is not that bad. Just take the usual precautions, don’t put your wallet or phone in the back pocket, if you have a backpack or bag always carry it on your front and not on your back, etc.


  1. Enjoyed this write-up, Myanmar is perhaps my favorite travel destination I’ve experienced…great people, food and the peaceful culture made it a true place in our hearts.


    • Glad you liked it. I feel like while I spent a bit too long there (12 days, mostly in Yangon and Bagan), I think there are more interesting places to discover and I wouldn’t rule out going again in future. Despite getting a few glares, most of the people I met were really polite and I never felt I had to watch out for anything even at night.


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