12 comments on “China travel- intro to Jinan, capital of Shandong

  1. I haven’t been to Jinan and I hear you, I should go on more weekend trips! I have been wanting to go to Yangzhou for a long time but I always end up hibernating on the sofa…


  2. Loved your beautiful visuals (photographs) with the blog. So much in our world that is truly beautiful, and yet we don’t see or hear about that on the news. Very well written, thanks for sharing your adventure.


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  4. Jinan’s art gallery, next to the museum is really spectacular. I haven’t been to any other Chinese art galleries to compare it with, but there was a great collection of contemporary pieces upstairs, an exhibition of bamboo type oil paintings and the ground floor had paintings which were absolutely huge, depicting battle scenes and the Great Wall. Maybe 25m wide, so impressive.


    • Cool, sounds interesting and I would have checked it out if I had known what was inside. I saw the building next to the museum; it was this immense yellowish-white block right.


  5. Hi there > Nice blog I’ve stumbled upon here. Always wondered what it was like over in Shandong and Jinan. There seems to be a nice balance of new and old there. The street full of small shops (7 photos down) looks amazing. Was there a whole area like that or just one street? The same goes for the riverside shot. Really nice. Thanks for your blog and safe journeys.


    • Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you liked the pics. That was my first (and only) visit to Shandong and Jinan was quite nice. The street full of shops also has another lane next to it with shops, and they are part of a small historic neighborhood with hutongs.

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