4 comments on “Some good things about Beijing

  1. Your top 3 items really are the reasons I love Beijing (having lived there in the 90s), but just finished talking with a friend of mine who is working there now (family is from Beijing) and they hate it because of the pollution and traffic…and how the charms of communities have left because of the development. Never thought much about that before, but it all falls into what you have mentioned.

    Great shots, they take me back (even though Beijing has changed so much…).


    • Wow, I think the 90s must have been a really interesting and challenging time to be in China. I have a feeling Beijing was much better in the past, especially for the reasons your friend mentioned. I have friends and colleagues who’ve been in the Beijing since the 2000s and they’ve said similar things.
      Thanks, I’m glad you liked the photos.


  2. You forgot one! ;P
    When there is a blue sky day in Beijing, it is gorgeous!

    I also like Beijing underground music scene, way richer than in Shanghai.


    • Yes, Beijing looks really nice on blue sky days. I’ve heard good things about the underground music scene, but I unfortunately didn’t experience it, one of my few regrets about my time there.


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