8 comments on “The strange case of China’s arrest of British and South African tourists last week

  1. Pff this sucks. I kind of hoped human and social rights would improve in the future in China, but the truth is that they seem to go backwards… Did you hear about the “report any suspicious foreigners you see”? Hello, Cultural Revolution, I see you are back…

    I also hoped the internet would gradually be faster and less censored, and that also seems to be worsening instead of improving… It really is a pity.


    • Yeah, it really does. You’re right, the rights situation is going backwards which is especially ridiculous as the country is supposedly getting more prosperous (at least up to a year ago).
      I did, I read something about a hotline and even a reward for reporting “troublesome” foreigners. That is kind of creepy. One of my expat ex-colleagues, a longtime Beijing resident, also mentioned that things are getting a little like the Cultural Revolution.
      The Internet censorship and the slow speed, esp when using a VPN, really bugged me a lot.
      Unfortunately, I feel these things won’t improve in the near term. You know much more than me about China, but I just have one suggestion – keep a watch on the economy, if it continues to worsen, the authorities might get more extreme.


    • Yeah, it’s very worrying how the authorities did that without anybody else knowing for days. Nobody should experience that on vacation especially.


    • Yeah, the whole incident seemed like BS and anti-foreigner paranoia (watching videos on a laptop constitutes terrorism according to the authorities).


  2. “All the detainees admitted to their illegal acts and repented.” Sounds like a fundamentalist Christian minister I once heard… sheesh.


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