Jack Warner, poor Trinidad, and his video spat with John Oliver

I come from a small nation in the Caribbean where I lived from when I was a baby to my high school graduation. Trinidad and Tobago is its formal name, though most people just call it Trinidad, Tobago being a much smaller and sleepy island that is more well-known for beaches and vacations. Not many people around the world have heard of Trinidad, which is why it’s very unfortunate that recent controversy with Jack Warner put a brief spotlight on the country.

Warner is a former longtime FIFA vice president and ex-head of CONCACAF, the football body for North and Central America and the Caribbean. By controversy, what happened is that British comedian John Oliver put out a short video on Trinidadian TV that lambasted Jack Warner over the ongoing FIFA corruption scandal (Warner had released a video message in Trinidad claiming to have an avalanche of evidence of FIFA corruption). Oliver also tried his hand at Trinidadian dialect, which was very much off and a bit amusing, but it left some Trinidadians fuming. Not me though, since the shame should be only on Warner. Unfortunately, Warner has none. He then made another video as a retort to Oliver, trying to come off as somber and outraged but in actuality arrogant and pretentious.
Choice remarks from Warner: “If a local TV station feels it’s proper to bring an outsider here to embarrass us, then all I can say is … Heaven help us.” “I don’t need any ­advice from any comedic fool … to tell me [what to do].”
The tough talk aside, Warner is either a master bluffer or a man who is incapable of seeing his own folly and guilt. By the way, his shirt  was in stark contrast to his somber look and dramatic music.

See both John Oliver’s and Jack Warner’s videos here.
I also wrote about this here in my sports column.
Here’s a good summary of Warner’s career, from a schoolteacher to one of the most powerful men in FIFA, committing mischief since at least 1989.

Oh, Oliver then made another video in response to Warner’s video response to him. It’s a bit confusing but basically Warner made a video claiming to have a lot of corruption evidence, Oliver released a video urging Warner to release that evidence while mocking him, then Warner made a dramatic response to that one where he insulted Oliver, and Oliver put out a second video responding to Warner. Hopefully this will be the end of this video spat.


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