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Osaka photo roundup

DSC06912  DSC06829
Osaka Castle Park IMAG1825 Indoor shopping arcade with restaurants, bars, supermarkets, clothes and DVD stores. This was in the morning so most stores were closed. IMAG1820 Not flooded steps, but a terraced fountain near Osaka Station DSC06815 Mao-Nixon photo at peace center in Osaka Castle Park DSC06838 Skyscraper seen from the park, with a construction crane on top IMAG1805 DSC06868 DSC06862 DSC06860 Flags of the generals and units at the Summer War of Osaka, when Osaka Castle was besieged and overrun by the warlord who would go on to be the shogun of Japan, in the museum inside Osaka Castle DSC06936
Royal courtier figures who served in the castle when the capital was in Osaka, Osaka history museum
DSC06928 Site of former ancient imperial palace on the left where a lot of artifacts were found, just opposite from the history museum IMG_0470 DSC07202 DSC07216
Drinking fountain at Shittenoji Temple where you scoop the water from a ladle and drink it directly. I saw these at almost every temple I went to as well as at Osaka Castle.
Jellyfish at the Osaka aquarium


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