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Japan travel- Osaka’s Kaiyukan aquarium

One of Osaka’s numerous great attractions is its fantastic giant aquarium or Kaiyukan, one of the biggest and best in Japan and Asia and featuring whale sharks, the world’s largest fish.
Located to the west of town, it’s appropriately next to the sea and has this strange shape. You start from the top and work your way down, like the Osaka history museum, through 8 floors of displays divided into distinct zones of the Pacific Rim. The main attraction, at least to me, are the whale sharks that are in the large central tank. Some people may think these magnificent creatures don’t belong in a tank, no matter how big it is, and I understand that.
Besides the whale sharks, there are sunfish, a large round fish that looks like a fish head with no tail, which I think are not found in many aquariums, penguins, and even a scarlet ibis, a bird that is special to Trinidad. The final section is a touch pool that allows you to reach out and touch turtles, sharks and rays.
Anyways, enough talking, just take a look and enjoy.
DSC07032 DSC07085
IMG_0283 IMG_0284
The two resident whale sharks

Otter just chilling
IMG_0168 IMG_0234 IMG_0238
Coming straight at ya
These crabs are scary … and big. The Japanese spider crab has the largest leg span of all crabs.
IMG_0312 IMG_0326   IMG_0368
These two spider crabs got into a wrestling match.
IMG_0436 IMG_0416
IMG_0427 IMG_0434
What’re you looking at?


2 thoughts on “Japan travel- Osaka’s Kaiyukan aquarium

    1. We have the same thought about the whale sharks. I liked seeing them, as that was the main reason I went to that aquarium, but afterwards I thought it is sad to keep them inside a tank, even one as big as that. Ha, those prickly crabs are unique.


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