6 comments on “Beijing life – post-Spring Festival quest for a haircut

  1. I also enjoy the Chinese barbers, the hair washing and scalp massage is something we just do not get much in the States… Also, I remember so clearly when many people in my office wanted at least 3 weeks off for Chinese New Year and I could not believe (they were office workers) and their argument was that factory workers took a month off so they deserved it… I told them a month off over the span of the year is fine, but just not possible in a global economy 🙂


    • Yeah, I remember that getting a hair washing cost extra in Canada when I was in university whereas here, it’s included in even the cheapest haircut at the salons.
      One month or three weeks’ leave is pretty extreme. Having said that, a lot of service staff, at least in Beijing, like restaurant workers and real estate agents work 6-days a week so perhaps that’s the tradeoff. Your reply is much more reasonable though – better to take time off throughout rather than in one giant chunk of time.


  2. Now that you mention it I haven’t had a haircut in a while!
    I hate when they try to sell me their membership card… I hate membership cards when you have to put money inside them first, you never finish them and lose the money!


    • Haha, that may be a good thing since this is an unlucky time to get one.
      I also hate when they try to sell membership cards. I don’t mind a polite question but some of them keep persisting and seem offended or disappointed when I refuse. They often stress that there’s no expiry date to these cards, but even then I never want to put up a lot of money up front here.


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