20 comments on “China travel- Tianjin daytrip

    • Thanks, Jimmy.
      I was only there for half a day and the places I went to looked quite good. But I know, especially with Chinese cities, appearance isn’t everything. Did you stay there for a while? Coincidentally, I had an ex-colleague who stayed in Tianjin on a university exchange program a few years ago and he thought it was extremely dull.


  1. This is one of the best reviews I have seen about Tianjin ~ and the photos are excellent. The first shot is one of my favorites, and then also you brought out Wudadao very well…while the area is a bit touristy in strange way, I still love it. Granted, I have spent only a half day in Tianjin, I enjoyed it and its history. Cheers!


    • Thanks a lot, man, a big compliment. It would have better if it hadn’t been so smoggy. I liked Wudadao too, and could have spent more time there if I hadn’t needed to return to Beijing.


      • I had the same feeling…time there was short as I too needed to get back to Beijing. I think Tianjin has a case of “Beijing envy” as they really do get overlooked 🙂 Cheers!


    • Glad you liked them, Ray.
      I can’t really say. I just know they have their specific form of Mandarin and it’s probably similar to Beijing Mandarin. I wasn’t there long enough or talked much to people to listen to it.


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