5 comments on “Happy New Year (of the Sheep)

  1. Happy New Year! Did you have holidays? What did you do?

    The “confusion” between sheep and goat also made me think these days. So the 羊肉串 we’ve been eating all this time… was goat and not lamb? 😀 In my trip to Gansu province these holidays I didn’t see a single sheep, but I saw a lot of goats haha.


    • Happy New Year, Marta. I did get a week off but I stayed in Beijing. Fireworks was basically the only attraction I enjoyed. I’m recovering from a foot operation so I couldn’t really go anywhere other than colleagues’ homes.

      Good question. Both mutton and goat meat are called 羊肉, however I think mutton is more common so 羊肉串 is probably mutton. Then again, who knows given that in some places like Gansu, as you say, there are only goats.


      • Oooh! I hope you have a fast recovery 🙂
        I also saw (and heared) some fireworks but they were not so annoying as the first time I “suffered” them in Beijing… it was in Yuanxiaojie a few years ago and the firecrackers were nonstop for like 8 hours…


        • Thanks, it is recovering alright.
          8 hours nonstop is really bad. The ones by me on New Year’s Eve night lasted for only about 3-4 hours. The government clamped down on them by limiting the amount sold and the days they could be set off, which is good, haha.


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