8 comments on “Beijing life – a bizarre coincidence and a political taxi ride

  1. I’ve always heard that the discussions of taxi-cab drivers in every city tells a lot about the city and its people…and this fits in with my rides in Beijing. Beijing and Xi’an are my favorite places to get into a taxi and have discussions, Xi’an especially because discussions are more philosophical and much less focused on the economy & money. Enjoyed this, cheers!


    • Hmm, that’s pretty interesting about the differences.
      It would be good to talk about philosophy, though my Chinese isn’t good enough for that.
      Glad you enjoyed it.

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    • Oh, that seems quite cold. So not even if you talk to them? Though on the other hand, it’s good not to feel obligated to talk if you’re really tired.


      • Most of the time I don’t even try talking to them anymore! But a few months ago the taxi companies in Suzhou changed their cars to a new model and I asked one cabbie how the new car was, if he was happy with it, etc. He only grunted “I don’t like it” so, once again, I wasn’t encouraged to keep talking hahaha.


  2. I never ask about politics as a visitor to a country but I do enjoy it when locals (often taxi drivers) start talking about them unprompted. Similar to another commenter, it feels like a snapshot of life, even though I know it’s totally random and could have been a completely different discussion had I been 3 minutes later and gotten into another cab. Interesting nonetheless!


    • That’s a sensible approach. I enjoy talking about politics too but drivers usually don’t bring them up unlike this particular one.


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