Photo roundup – airports and views from up high

I have to admit I have a few strange habits and one of them is taking pictures of certain things or places that most people probably don’t. I especially indulge in this habit whenever I fly as I take photos of airports, the skies or the places below from the plane, and even planes from time to time.

I had to fly to Taiwan last week, just months after my last visit due to the need to get a minor but important medical operation. It’s kind of a hassle to fly when it’s not for a vacation such go through security and transfer flights but it gave me a chance to take a few interesting photos. And of course, going to Taiwan regardless of the reason lets me be in a more healthier and polite society. And enjoy faster and uncensored Internet and a very open media environment.

Taiwan’s Taoyuan Airport
Sunset flying over the strait, the best view of the skies I’ve even had from a plane

These photos below are from last year.
The roof of the terminal, not the lady, is what I took a photo of, though she’s a fine addition to the picture of Hong Kong Airport.
This photo of Hong Kong might look like it was taken two decades ago, but this was actually last October. You can see Kowloon on the top in the middle, and Hong Kong Island’s business districts opposite Kowloon on the other side of the channel, especially the IFC tower jutting out amid HK’s other skyscrapers (it’s also my favorite HK tower). The Occupy street protests were going on so I was even trying to see if I could spot it from the plane (I couldn’t).
Beijing airport with its distinctive red-lined ceiling
Vietnamese countryside seen on a flight to Hanoi
Northern Vietnamese mountains seen on a flight to Hanoi
View over the ocean on a flight to Johannesburg from Hong Kong
Victoria Falls seen from a plane from Livingstone, Zambia (the town next to the falls), back to Johannesburg
The Angkor Air turpoprop plane I flew on to get from Siem Reap to Bangkok


6 thoughts on “Photo roundup – airports and views from up high

  1. Those are cool pictures from the plane! I never take pictures inside planes because my camera is in my bag which I already placed in the overhead compartment and I’m lazy to get it…


    1. Thanks, Marta. Yeah, it’s not worth it to get up to just to take your camera out from the overhead compartment. I mostly take them with my small camera in my bag or my phone.


  2. What a great selection! The first is my absolute favorite, the comment about the “fine addition” cracked me up, and the Vic Falls shot is wonderful – what do they call it? “The Smoke That Thunders”? You nailed that one.


    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like them. I found the Taiwan airport hall in the first photo really nice, especially as it was nighttime and there was a reflection on the floor. I only noticed the woman in the HK airport photo after I’d uploaded it onto my computer and not only is she attractive, but she’s walking right in the middle. You are right – Victoria Falls is called that by the locals – Mosi-oa-Tunya. It really is a mighty waterfall and it was cool seeing it from the plane after I’d seen it on land and by helicopter.


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