4 comments on “Shanghai’s New Year tragedy

  1. I also hope things can improve, but I am not very optimistic. The subway in Shanghai is not any better and every Monday morning and Friday evening (luckily the only times I have to get the subway to go to the train station) I get my weekly dose of pushing.

    When I read about this tragic news I was also thinking: why on Earth would someone want to go to the Bund on New Year’s Eve?? It’s freezing cold and you know it’s going to be crowded…


    • That sounds just as bad as Beijing’s subway experience with all the pushing, blocking and people standing near the door and refusing to move. However, the authorities raised the subway fares at the end of the year and there are actually less people.

      I can understand not wanting to be near crowds, though ironically, I think in China, the Bund was probably the nicest place to view fireworks, though not anymore of course.
      In Taipei, I’ve gone to Taipei 101 to watch the New Year’s fireworks and though there are massive crowds, perhaps even 1 million, I’ve never felt in danger. Then again, mainland crowded events are probably a different matter. I feel inadequate crowd control and organization from the Shanghai police and authorities might have played a big part.


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