8 comments on “Contradictory Chinese Christmas

  1. We’ve noticed the same trend re: Christmas here in Vietnam. To me, it feels comparable to our celebrations of Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick’s Day in the US in that we completely miss the original point but enjoy it immensely nonetheless.

    As always, thanks for your multi-faceted portrayal with the articles re: Wenzhou. I usually pick one of your linked articles and this time I enjoyed the business article.


    • That’s an interesting comparison; it is quite similar to how those holidays are celebrated in the US.

      You’re welcome; I’m glad you like the articles I link to. The situation in Wenzhou is an interesting dynamic with the popularity of Christianity among such a commercial-oriented people.


  2. Can you believe that I lived in Beijing for three years and I never ice skated? I should have tried it…

    I also had to work in Christmas! But it is ok, It didn’t feel like Christmas anyway…


    • That’s ok, ha; I’ve been here for over a year and studied in Canada before but I’ve never ice skated at all. I didn’t realize you’d been in Beijing for so long; did you like it?

      Yeah, I see we both feel the same about working on Christmas.


      • I absolutely loved it! I was one of those “I love Beijing, I hate Shanghai” persons. But I was always a student there, and when you are a student any place is awesome haha.

        Now I also like Shanghai, but I still think Beijing is cooler. Specially in the alternative bars/ underground music scene sense.


        • Ok, cool. Indeed, as a student, any place seems awesome.
          To be honest, I’m not so fond of some aspects of Beijing (and I’ve only been here for over a year) but then I haven’t lived in Shanghai yet so I can’t make a true comparison. I can see how Beijing might have the edge in alternative and underground music and art, though I wonder if Shanghai has a more sophisticated art/music scene.


            • Haha, yes, I’ve heard this from a few others as well. Though I think there’s a lot of materialism in Beijing too, perhaps less so from the expats. More expensive – didn’t know that. That’s too bad; I’d be interested in working there but it seems there are so many drawbacks.


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