2 comments on “Bangkok photo roundup – Wat Pho, National Museum

  1. Nice memories from the Grand Palace complex. Now I wish we’d gone into the National Museum. Vishnu reminds me: I want to learn more about the history between Buddhism and Hinduism… we saw a lot of crossover in Cambodia and again on Bali…if you ever come across any recommended books or articles, will you pass them along?


    • Yes, the Grand Palace was really good and I’ll post about it later. The museum was quite decent, though not spectacular.

      That history is indeed interesting. You’re right, in Angkor, there’s a mix of Hindu and Buddhist elements in the temples. I just know that at different periods and under different kings, Hinduism and Buddhism alternated as the state religion. I didn’t know that Bali also had Buddhism; that’s interesting too.
      No problem, I will.


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