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Bangkok photo roundup – Wat Pho, National Museum

Here’re several more photos of Wat Pho and Bangkok National Museum, and the park and street nearby.

Wat Pho

Reclining Buddha’s feet
Street outside of Wat Pho; the houses look a little European

Bangkok National Museum

Painting of a battle with the Burmese
Statue of Vishnu, a Hindu god
Ivory sculptures with Buddha engraved on them
Diorama of a battle against, who else, the Burmese. Notice how both sides used war elephants.


Sanam Laung park, outside of the Grand Palace
DSC06375 DSC06371


2 thoughts on “Bangkok photo roundup – Wat Pho, National Museum

  1. Nice memories from the Grand Palace complex. Now I wish we’d gone into the National Museum. Vishnu reminds me: I want to learn more about the history between Buddhism and Hinduism… we saw a lot of crossover in Cambodia and again on Bali…if you ever come across any recommended books or articles, will you pass them along?


    1. Yes, the Grand Palace was really good and I’ll post about it later. The museum was quite decent, though not spectacular.

      That history is indeed interesting. You’re right, in Angkor, there’s a mix of Hindu and Buddhist elements in the temples. I just know that at different periods and under different kings, Hinduism and Buddhism alternated as the state religion. I didn’t know that Bali also had Buddhism; that’s interesting too.
      No problem, I will.


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