4 comments on “Asia links – Taiwan’s super elections, China’s latest crackdown, and Vietnam dog trade

      • We’ve been in Da Lat for a month as of today. If I recall from your Vietnam series, I don’t think you made it here but it’s been ideal – up in the mountains it’s a nice break from the humidity. Next week we head to Hoi An and after New Year’s we’ll travel around the north (Sapa and Hanoi/Halong Bay). Da Lat is low-key so I’m planning to re-read your “hustled” postings to get my mind prepped for the touristy areas coming up! :o)


        • No, I didn’t, nor did I go to Hoi An unfortunately (Hue and Da Nang, briefly, were the only places I went to in Central Vietnam). That’s a good itinerary. I missed out on Sapa as well and I’ve only heard great things about that hill area.
          Hope my post on being hustled will help- don’t be as trusting as I was when people claim they’re from your hotel etc.


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