2 comments on “Cambodia travel- Angkor Thom

  1. Love it! Just got back from Cambodia (I think we rented the same bike as you and they haven’t fixed the tire yet… I eventually gave up and flagged a tuktuk to take me – and the bike – back to Siem Reap) and missed some of these sites so fun to look through them now with some perspective.

    We spent a morning at the national museum. The tug of war with the nagas is the creation story. I don’t renember the details but there was a tug of war between 2 god-groups and they whipped the ocean of milk into a froth and somehow the earth came out of that… or something like that…


  2. Hey, thanks.
    Yeah, it’s definitely not fun riding a bike with a flat tire in Angkor.
    Interesting story, so the tug of war railings had major significance.
    I assume you’re referring to the national museum in Siem Reap – I missed that but I’m guessing it was good.


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