2 comments on “Intriguing travel reads on Indonesia, Nigeria and more

  1. Too many coincidences here to leave alone:

    1) We leave for Indonesia on 1 Sept and yesterday I was bemoaning the lack of a book to read on the country… downloading Ms. Pisani’s book on the Kindle as I type. Thanks.

    2) Last night I received an email from my brother-in-law in Chile, thanking me for the book I’d sent him. At first I couldn’t remember what I’d sent – it’s been months – then recalled it was Sihle Khumalo’s “Almost Sleeping My Way to Timbuktu.” He’s one of the funnier travel writers I’ve read, a little coarse on occasion, but oh well, and one of the most memorable scenes for me was when he toured one of the largest slave-trading ports in Western Africa (don’t remember the country). He noted some African-Americans who were having a really emotional experience seeing the place and commented how much more personal it was for them having ancestors who’d been forced onto boats at the spot whereas for him it was just another site commemorating something awful. It was another travel moment of my own, realizing “ohhhh, not every African has a deep personal connection to the slave trade.” I like it when a writer can make a few more scales fall from my eyes…

    3) Another blogger recently posted 2 books on Turkey which I’ve added to my wishlist – maybe you’ll find something interesting here: http://clearingcustoms.net/2014/07/10/storytelling-the-bosphorus-bridge-between-cultures/

    I would add Thailand to the list of woefully under-represented in book aisles. Search “Thailand” on Amazon and you get literally hundreds of titles… about how to meet a Thai wife or worse. Really?! I eventually settled for a history tome but confess: I fall asleep after 10 minutes each evening.


    • Wow, that is a lot of coincidences. I hope you enjoy Indonesia Etc and I hope it helps you on your trip.
      That’s cool you actually read Sihle Khumalo. I saw his books in South Africa but I didn’t buy it since I chose other books, and I regret not
      buying one of his. Your description of his writing makes me want to get one soon. That is an interesting anecdote from his book and it does show how different Africans (south, west, east etc) and blacks (African-American, African) can be.
      Thanks for the link about the Turkey books and that author.
      Yes, Thailand is another country that doesn’t get written about too much. I’m surprised given how many expats visit and live there. Then again, that explains all those books about meeting a Thai wife and similar stuff you found.


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