2 comments on “Cambodia travel-Angkor’s ‘Big Circuit’ sites

  1. Thanks for the thoughts on touts, esp. children and unrequested “guides” in the temples. I’ve run into this elsewhere (not so much the kids) and I am not a fan. But I also understand it’s a way of earning a living… it’s a difficult balance to feel as though I’m in control of my experience but trying to respect the local culture’s “ownership” of an area I’m merely gawking at. And kids are even tougher… I worry they should be in school instead of peddling… or worse, when people “rent” or “buy” kids from their familiesto force them to sell stuff to tourists. There was a big arrest over this last week in the Thai newspapers.

    Don’t mean to get sidetracked: enjoyed the photos and was interested to see some similar carvings to the old pagoda ruins (1300s) we saw in Chiang Mai last week. I guess we’re in the neighborhood, after all!


    • Yes, it’s not pleasant at times but I know it’s a way of living for them. I definitely agree it’s worrying for the kids, since some of them might grow up just hustling and not going to school or neglecting their studies. I went in late June so perhaps the ones I saw were all out of school. Renting or buying kids to force them to hustle is bad; is that a common thing there? I’d hate to imagine that the little kids I saw suffered this fate.

      Thanks for your comment and feedback. Hope you continue to enjoy your trip in the region, Bobbi.



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