6 comments on “Beijing’s great, blue skies

  1. Blue sky days in Beijing are absolutely gorgeous! And, in fact, I think that they are more frequent than in here… I don’t remember the last time I saw a blue sky in Suzhou. It is always white or an ugly pale blue…


    • Yes, blue sky days in Beijing are very, very nice. The sky in Beijing was white or smoggy grey a lot during autumn and winter. I’m surprised at that, are there a lot of factories in and around Suzhou? Perhaps it’ll get better as the summer continues.


      • Yes, there are a lot of factories in Suzhou and around this area, as it is very close to Shanghai but land is cheaper.
        If we look at the PM2.5 figures for sure Beijing is worse, but it is a fact that I haven’t seen a blue sky in a long time!


        • OK, I see. I’ve heard of Kunshan and its factories which I suppose is very close to Suzhou.
          For Beijing, I wonder if the central government’s plan to move polluting industries out of Beijing has already started or if summer is always like this. However, I’d give up nice, blue skies for lower PM2.5 counts.


  2. Lovely blue sky photos shot. I was surprised in our 2 short months in Seoul how much I missed that. (Apparently we were there in the “yellow smoke” season when they get a lot of pollution drift from China.) So I can believe you must be REALLY happy to see blue skies!


    • Thanks, Bobbi.
      Yes, I was in Seoul in late February and the skies were light grey every day, which people told me were because of pollution from China, so I experienced some of “yellow smoke” season too :(.


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