6 comments on “Lack of trust in Beijing- getting hit by a taxi

  1. That sucks. Sometimes I hate how things get needlessly complicated, and if there’s a medical problem that’s dangerous. Hope you’re leg is fine now.


    • Yeah, my leg has been alright since and hopefully that’ll be the last time I get struck by a vehicle. I hate needless complications as well and that seems to happen a lot here.


    • Thanks, Jimmy. The audacity of that guy outweighs the actual impact of the accident (which was negligible fortunately) and is something I’ll always remember. Some people here just have no sense of how to be reasonable. And the worse thing is sometimes, their rudeness is very deliberate. That sucks to have to deal with loutish cabbies, especially if they’re trying to cheat you. Were these cabbies in Beijing or elsewhere?


      • Here in Beijing. I’ve had a couple who have tried to rip me off, either by charging me extra or taking the scenic route. When I’ve called them on it, it’s almost like they’ve gotten offended, even though I know I was in the right.


        • That’s awful. I’m sure they knew very well what they did and they pretended to be offended, both to trick you and possibly try to intimidate you. I think that sometimes when people shout at you or threaten here, it’s just bluster and fake outrage (like what happened with my former home agent back then).


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