2 comments on “Random links- high-speed rail issues, old Beijing, and Arundhati Roy profile

  1. I quite like the high-speed rails of China, but it’s true they basically cost the same as flying. The advantage is that you don’t have jet lag, not so many long lines, the general avoidance of terrible airports (my personal peeve).

    I wouldn’t go all the way from Guangdong to Beijing, but I have went as far north as Wuhan and that was a fine trip. I’m looking forward to using the Shenzhen-Xiamen one in the summer–which was recently closed down for a week or so due to safety concerns. Hope I survive the ride!

    As usual, China is heavily investing in infrastructure almost for its own sake. Some projects fail indeed. I’m not going to make any major predictions, yet for now I like the high-speed rail aspect…


    • I like the high-speed rail as well. It’s quick and efficient, and it saves you the trouble of going to the airport and having to check in and all that. The article raised worrying points about the construction and structural quality of some of the tracks, and that’s the kind of problem that might materialize in the future.
      I heard about the new Shenzhen-Xiamen line; I wonder if the closure was due to weather/environment or to the lines themselves.


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