Technology and society

Technology is always progressing and improving, but is society? Not necessarily, says this New Yorker piece. It’s not surprising that while technology can make us smarter and more capable, it also reduces the need for us to do much of the work needed for daily life, such as catching and cooking food, making clothes or finding shelter. This can be detrimental with the example of the indigenous tribe in Canada in which a rise in the use of technology and modern goods was accompanied by a rise in alcoholism, drug abuse, disease, and idleness. It’s not an isolated case in that country or others.
To be honest, I’m not an enemy of technology. My life has definitely been made easier by it. Things like writing, researching, and traveling would be infinitely harder for me without computers, the Internet and smartphones. What I do think though is that from a broader scale, materialism and material comforts have been detrimental, to the point that by making our lives easier and more comfortable, it makes a lot of us more ignorant. One would think that with greater access to goods, news, information and ideas from the world, though with a disproportionate amount from the West, people can be more enlightened and open-minded.  It seems the opposite has happened. In Asia, such as in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, prosperity seems to have caused society to become more isolated and withdrawn. Despite the progress in technology and material goods and living standards, there’re still a lot of ignorance, and ignorant people out there.


2 thoughts on “Technology and society

    1. It is something to think about. For myself and for people in general, I think technology has been beneficial largely (it’s materialism that I think is the bigger problem), but for indigenous cultures like the one in the article, it’s been terribly detrimental.


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