Beijing BS continues- agency gets bold

I originally wrote the paragraph below two days before the start of 2014, but since then my apartment issue is still running like a bad movie that just won’t end.

A new twist came up recently, with the landlady finding a willing buyer who needed to move in soon. As such, she needs to take back her place. The problem is the agency isn’t playing along, no surprise, and were blatant enough to refuse to let the landlady cancel her contract and pay her original cancellation fee. Instead the agency demanded a higher cancellation fee, something along the lines of pay us a whole year’s rent and we’ll agree. It was just last week that the agency was begging the landlady for her forgiveness (after she found out they’d been lying about renting her place), and now they’re already making outrageous demands. I am aware the agency stands to lose because if the landlady cancels her contract and pays her fee, the agency needs to do the same with me, and given they raised the rent for me by a lot, the cancellation fee for me is much higher than for the landlady. I’m caught in the middle, since legally my contract with the agency is valid but yet I’ve experienced so much nonsense from the agent and I have no intention to take his side against the landlady.

Last week, the landlady called and said she’d come to an agreement with the agency. She’ll pay them a certain sum, higher than what she’s required to in the contract, but less than what the agency demanded. In return, the agency will end my contract. If they follow the terms of our contract, the agency should pay me a cancellation fee of 2 months rent, but I know they won’t. The agency contacted me a little after and the branch manager himself offered to show me a few places, which I reluctantly agreed. Their rationale is I can move to one of these places and our contract can continue. I didn’t find the places too good, or too bad, but I’d rather not continue to deal with these . My agent then offered to end the contract and return my deposit and remaining rent, but not the cancellation fee. I expected nothing different from him. I later told the manager I didn’t want any of the places and that I’d move out in the middle of the month. Sure, he said. Come into our office before you move out to see about ending our contract.

Then yesterday (Monday), my agent called and offered up yet another new twist. Don’t move, just stay put, he said. Oh, and pay the rent for the next 3 months (due later this week). Why? Doesn’t the landlady want me to move I asked. Don’t bother about the landlady, he said. Just stay put, continue to live in the apartment, and pay the next 3-months rent, he replied. Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what I’ll do.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


2 thoughts on “Beijing BS continues- agency gets bold

    1. Haha, yes, my thoughts exactly. The only good thing is the longer this drags on, the more absurd and the less frightening these people seem.


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