Working is part of the dream sometimes

For some folks, to be a writer is a dream. Specifically writing for a living, as opposed to manual labor, office work, or any other kind of work that’s not sitting down and writing a killer feature article or novel. But in the real world, sometimes dreams don’t come true. This writer nails it well about the reality and necessity of work. We can’t all be bestselling authors or bigname journalists, so there’s nothing wrong in writing and doing non-writing work to make a living. Your ideal vision of glory and success may never materialize, but you can work with what you get in life ie make the most of what you have. There’s another point, which is that work in itself is worthwhile even if it’s not glamorous. Whether you’re teaching English or sitting in front of a computer at a desk inside a cubicle or waiting tables, in addition to writing or blogging, don’t feel discouraged. Don’t give up your writing either.
I’d say it applies in part to me, though I’ve never really thought I could make a full-time career out of writing. While my main interest was always in journalism as opposed to writing a book, I’ve always known I don’t have the talent or aptitude to write and report as a career. However I’m not sad. I’m definitely grateful to have had my writing published at times and to have gotten paid for some of them, and to be involved in the media industry.

Speaking about feature stories, here’s one from Sports Illustrated about the late Bison Dele (Brian Williams), a former NBA player who left the league on his own terms but met a mysterious end. It’s a very good read (otherwise I wouldn’t be recommending it here, ha). I don’t even remember this player but at the end of it, it was a much more poignant and striking story than I expected. The article’s graphical design is impressive too, with accompanying images and captions popping up at relevant moments as you scroll down.


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